An Xbox Exclusive Switches to PlayStation

An Xbox Exclusive Switches to PlayStation

On April 16, Planet of Lana came to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5, adding to the selection of independent masterpieces available on Sony’s systems and the Switch. The game, which debuted to great acclaim in May 2023, impresses with its hand-painted graphics, expressive soundtrack, and captivating gameplay that combines exploration and puzzle-solving with a feline companion named Mui.

Planet of Lana will be available on the PS4, PS5, and Switch about a year after it first debuted on the PC and Microsoft consoles. Wishfully Studios revealed that on April 16, the game’s ports will be available on the PlayStation Store and eShop. With a pre-order discount of 10%, the price for Switch and PlayStation users will drop to $17.99 from $19.99, which is the same as what is offered by the Microsoft Store and Steam. As is customary with independent game releases, no talk of a physical release is made.

Planet of Lana’s early participation in the ID@Xbox independent publishing programme may have contributed to the game’s delayed release on the Switch and PlayStation platforms. Many of the games in this lineup have historically been Xbox console timed exclusives, frequently making their launch concurrently with Microsoft’s game subscription service. This trend was followed by Planet of Lana, which was released on the first day of Xbox Game Pass.

In addition to receiving excellent reviews from critics, Planet of Lana has also been well received by players, as seen by the game’s approximately 3,000 “Very Positive” Steam reviews. Many fans praise the game’s amazing art style, while others describe how completely engrossed they are in its deep environment and story.

The game’s companion character and its vast and varied puzzle system have led to similarities with Sony’s critically praised 2016 adventure game, The Last Guardian, which was also created by Japan Studio. The fact that The Last Guardian composer Takeshi Furukawa worked on Planet of Lana’s soundtrack—a highlight that was praised by both players and critics—further supported these similarities.

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