TikTok 'This Post Is Age-Protected' Error – Can You Turn It Off?

TikTok ‘This Post Is Age-Protected’ Error – Can You Turn It Off?

Are you getting the “This post is age-protected” error on TikTok?

This problem notice appears on many users’ “For You” pages. It usually happens to TikTok’s underage users. When viewing unsuitable content, for example, you will receive an error message if you are 13 years old.

The video-sharing company has taken further precautions to safeguard the safety of its younger members. This implies that if you are under the legal drinking age, you are automatically barred from watching films deemed improper.

However, older TikTok users worldwide are getting irritated because they are encountering the ‘this post is age protected’ message while trying to get to videos even though they are over the age of 18. 

What Is Meant By “Post Unavailable” On TikTok?

“Post unavailable” on TikTok signifies that the user is unable to view the 18+ TikTok post. It could be the cause of harmful content, an age restriction issue, or a slow internet connection.

What Is The Reason Behind “Post Unavailable” On TikTok?

What Is The Reason Behind "Post Unavailable" On TikTok?

When you enter an age under 18 on the TikTok signup procedure, you are placed in the TikTok age-restricted zone. In some posts, TikTok is going to restrict you by displaying “Post unavailable” on the screen. To address this issue, you may adjust the age limit on TikTok to 18 or older.

Some messages and contents may be irrelevant to users, particularly teen TikTok users. As an outcome, TikTok limits your ability to publish in some cases by displaying “Post unavailable” on the screen.

How To Resolve “Post Unavailable” On TikTok?

How to change age on TikTok? TikTok will occasionally ask the user to confirm their age. When users specify an age under 18, they are banned from viewing the post, with the message ‘post unavailable’ appearing on the screen. So, in order to address these challenges, we have proposed four distinct approaches.

Method No 1: Switch Off TikTok Restricted Mode

The procedure for switching off restricted mode for TikTok’s Post unavailable issue is as follows:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok app on your device.

Step 2: Select the profile icon in the device’s bottom right corner.

Step 3: In the upper right corner, tap on the three horizontal lines (the Menu icon).

Step 4: Next, go to the settings and Privacy area.

Step 5: Next, select Contact Preferences.

Step 6: Finally, click to disable the area.

Step 7: Finally, input the TikTok password to disable the restricted mode. You have now successfully exited restricted mode.

When you disable the restricted mode, you’re able to enjoy viewing posts and videos on TikTok fully. As a result, it is critical to disable the restricted mode in order to fix posts that are no longer viewable on TikTok.

Another option for resolving Post Unavailable in TikTok is to modify the age of the user.

Method No 2: Ask TikTok To Change User’s Age

Method No 2: Ask TikTok To Change User's Age

Another option for making the post disabled on TikTok can be found here. How to change my age on TikTok? You can email TikTok to update your age, which will make the posts visible again. You can reach out to TikTok to modify your age by following the steps to learn how to get rid of age restriction on TikTok.

Step 1: Open the Share your feedback form.

Step 2: Fill up your contact details.

Step 3: Select and select the category Change Account Information.

Step 4: As a subcategory, choose ‘General question’ or ‘Other.’

Step 5: Briefly describe your problem in the ‘How can we help you?’ form.

Step 6: Attach a screenshot of the issue that has arisen.

Step 7: Check the boxes next to the statements in the Declaration area underneath the question.

Step 8: Click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page to submit your form.

It would help if you waited for TikTok’s response after submitting the “Share your Feedback” form. TikTok usually responds within a few days. Following that, TikTok will answer through email. The return email may end up in the junk/spam section. As a result, you must check your email on a frequent basis.

Method No 3: Create A New TikTok Account

If you wish to fix “Post Unavailable” on TikTok, you may make or add a new TikTok account.

Making A New Account On TikTok

The final and most straightforward way to resolve “Post unavailable” on TikTok is to sign up for a new TikTok account. Here’s how to make a new TikTok account.

Step 1: Navigate to the Play Store.

Step 2: Get the TikTok app.

Step 3: Open the application and join.

Step 4: Finally, set the age to 18 or above. Now you may watch Tiktok videos without limitation.

Adding A New Account On TikTok

If you were previously TikTok logged in with a different account on your device, you can add a new account to the app.

Step 1: Start by opening the profile of your current TikTok account.

Step 2: Select Settings and Privacy from the Settings menu.

Step 3: Next, tap Log out and then switch accounts.

Step 4: Select Add Account once more.

Step 5: Select from the options on the screen. You can set up a new TikTok account with a phone number, a Gmail account, Twitter, or Facebook.

Step 6: Finally, while providing details, specify that you are at least 18 years old. Now, sign in to your new TikTok account and watch the TikTok videos as you normally would.

When creating the new TikTok account, you need to remember to “set your age to 18 years or older.” To resolve the “Post unavailable” error on TikTok, you must be at least 18 years old. Following that, you will be able to enjoy videos and posts on TikTok with full access to all features.

How Many Screenshots Can Be Uploaded In The ‘Share Your Feedback’ Form At A Time?

How Many Screenshots Can Be Uploaded In The 'Share Your Feedback' Form At A Time?

The number of screenshots that can be uploaded in the ‘Share your feedback’ form is limited to ten. So make sure you upload a screenshot of the relevant “Post unavailable” as well as feedback on TikTok.

What can you write in the Feedback Form’s ‘How Can We Help You?’ field?

You can share your dissatisfaction with TikTok posts that are no longer available. However, suppose you mistakenly set your age to 14 years and are 18 years or older in that scenario. In that case, you can note the issue in this box by assuring TikTok that your age is 18 years or older.

Consider another example: in the ‘How can we serve you?’ area, you can write something like Hello TikTok, I’m 18 years old, yet I still get post unavailable problems when I view a Tik Tok video. So I humbly request that TikTok be worried about the issue of the post being unavailable on my personal TikTok account.

What Steps Should You Take If You Are 18 Years Or Older To Resolve The “Post Unavailable” Issue?

If you are over the age of 18 and are still experiencing “Post Unavailable” TikTok age restriction error. Then, you can resolve the ‘Post unavailable’ error using the procedures below.

Step 1: Open the Share your feedback form.

Step 2: Enter your contact information.

Step 3: Find and choose the ‘Report a bug’ category.

Step 4: In the subcategory area, select ‘General question.’

Step 5: In the ‘How can we help you?’ form, mention your “Post unavailable” status.

Step 6: Fill out the form with the Post unavailable screenshot.

Step 7: Tick the two declaration statements.

Step 8: Finally, at the bottom of your screen, click Submit to submit your form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Aware of your curiosity, Reviewsed has answered a specific question in the commonly asked question section with an answer concerning the topic.

1. Is there 18+ content on TikTok?

TikTok does not have a special edition for adults. However, there are similar web apps that behave like an adult rendition of TikTok.

2. What is the status of TikTok’s post unavailable issue?

What is the status of TikTok's post unavailable issue?

When a TikTok user specifies an age of less than 18 years old, TikTok limits the user’s access to all TikTok videos as well as posts. However, there may be troubles with Tiktok from time to time. Similarly, your internet connection could be an additional cause for unavailable posts. You can make your TikTok post available by following the four steps outlined in this article.

3. When will TikTok respond after you submit your feedback form?

TikTok will respond to you within a few days to a week. Also, keep in mind that TikTok will answer by email. However, emails might sometimes get up in the garbage or spam bin.

4. Is a TikTok error causing Post Unavailable?

There may be a TikTok glitch from time to time, but generally, being under the age of 18 and having an internet connection makes posts unavailable on TikTok.

5. “Video not available.” “This Content Is Age Restricted.” What does it imply?

That is because TikTok’s terms and conditions prevent you from seeing the videos. As a result, in order to view all of the videos on TikTok, the user must be at least 18 years old.


Finally, we hope you found this Tiktok-related article on “How to Fix Post Unavailable on TikTok” valuable and informative. We hope you are now able to resolve your TikTok post unavailable issues. Please stay tuned for future articles about social media errors and their fixes.

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